The Agriculture Division is responsible for the collection, compilation and dissemination of information on periodic food crop and livestock surveys. Its primary objective is to estimate local food production. Information is also collected on prices, acreage, stocks, value of sales, disposals and acquisitions of animals, employment numbers and farming constraints.

CSO Agriculture Field Surveys conducted by the Division:

Food crop 🌾Small ruminants
(sheep πŸ‘, goat 🐐, rabbit πŸ‡ )
Duck πŸ¦†Aquaculture (fish farming) 🐟
Pineapple 🍍Pig πŸ–Broilers πŸ”Apiculture (Beekeeping) 🐝
PawpawPublic/Private Slaughterhouses πŸ₯©Table eggs πŸ₯š
Christophene (chayote)Livestock feed

Tables and Figures


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