Mid-Year Population Estimates

The mid-year population is an estimate of the country’s population as at the 30th June of any given year.

Community Register

The Community Register provides information on the Population by sex, number of buildings, dwelling units, households, business places and institutions by Enumeration District and Community. The data are provided by City, Borough, and Regional Corporations for Trinidad and by Parishes for Tobago.

Community Register Maps

Demographic Profiles of Municipalities and Communities

These cross tabulations on the non-institutional population were generated from the 2011 Population and Housing Census Database. For each municipality one file is on Individuals and the other is on Households and includes data on all the official communities within the municipality. The data is further broken down by sex and almost all census variables are included.


An emigrant is defined as a person who leaves one country to take up residence in another. In Trinidad and Tobago, there were 15,455 persons who migrated to other countries during the period 2000-2011. Migration is one of the components of population change and has been notoriously difficult to measure accurately. The 2011 census attempted to account for migration during the period since the 2000 census by asking household heads about migratory movements of former household members. However, in cases where entire households migrated, no data were obtained about migration.

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