Statistics on crime and criminal justice help government to assess and monitor the conditions, circumstances and trends of well-being and the social impact of public expenditures and policies (United Nations 2003). It therefore follows that the collection of quality statistics disseminated in a user-friendly style can be of immense value to administrators, policy planners and researchers. 

The data on Crime Statistics reflects Crime in Trinidad and Tobago as given by the Police, Prisons and Probations. In Trinidad and Tobago, data on reported crimes are collated by the Crime and Problem Analysis Branch of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS). The Crime and Problem Analysis Branch is an arm of the TTPS that deals with data-processing, analyses information from crime reports and other sources to better inform the crime-deterrence, disruption and detection efforts of the TTPS.


Reports to Police


Prosecutions instituted


Convictions secured


Broad Categories of Criminal Offences

The International Classification of Crime for Statistical Purposes (ICCS) provides a comprehensive framework for producing statistics on crime and criminal justice. Its primary unit of classification is the act or event that constitutes a criminal offence and the description of the criminal acts is based on behaviours and not on legal provisions.

01Acts leading to death or intending to cause death
02Acts leading to harm or intending to cause harm to the person
03Injurious acts of a sexual nature
04Acts against property involving violence or threat against a person
05Acts against property only
06Acts involving controlled psycho-active substances or other drugs
07Acts involving fraud, deception or corruption
08Acts against public order, authority and provisions of the State
09Acts against public safety and state security
10Acts against the natural environment
11Other criminal acts not elsewhere classified
Source: International Classification of Crime for Statistical Purposes (ICCS) – Version 1.0


Keywords: crime rate, offence, violence, prison, police, victim, homicide, crimes, statistics

National Crime and Victimization Survey 2015

Using Official Statistics for SDGs


  • 16.1.1 Number of victims of intentional homicide per 100,000 population, by sex and age
  • 16.1.2 Conflict-related deaths per 100,000 population, by sex, age and cause
  • 16.1.3 Proportion of population subjected to (a) physical violence, (b) psychological violence and (c) sexual violence in the previous 12 months
  • 16.1.4 Proportion of people that feel safe walking alone around the area they live
  • 16.2.2 Number of victims of human trafficking per 100,000 population, by sex, age group and form of exploitation
  • 16.3.2 Unsentenced detainees as a proportion of overall prison population
  • 16.3.1 Proportion of victims of violence in the previous 12 months who reported their victimization to competent authorities or other officially recognized conflict resolution mechanisms

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