Tourists arrivals are sourced from the Embarkation /Dis-embarkation cards completed by international visitors arriving by air or sea and collected by the Immigration Department at either of the two (2) international airports , Piarco, Trinidad or Crown Point, Tobago and sea ports.

Table: Annual Visitor Arrivals by Region of Origin

North America22688422447821390723001159084
Latin America306412121819084143632660
Other Caribbean77398664710263681314
European Union537885233750883517888555
Other Europe23202446242922626906
Rest of the World1466143614351243301

Travel Tables

NB. Please note due to the Covid 19 Pandemic the Government of Trinidad and Tobago announced  the closure of international borders to all travelers, including Trinidad and Tobago nationals, as of midnight on Sunday, March 22. 2020.
* Borders re – opened on Saturday July 17th 2021.

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