The Advance Release Calendar (ARC) is the latest service being implemented by Central Statistical Office as we seek to embrace the data revolution through the promotion of transparent, timely and accessible official statistics by providing you the user with advanced information on what and when some important statistical indicators will me made available to the public.

Next Releases
April 2022Release dateDatasetReference Period
29th April, 2022Index of Retail Prices (RPI)February 2022
29th April, 2022International Merchandise Trade Statistics (IMTS)December 2021
29th April, 2022Direction of Trade Statistics (DOTS),December 2021
Upcoming Releases
May 2022Release dateDatasetReference Period
31st May, 2022Index of Retail Prices (RPI)March 2022
June 2022Release dateDataset
30th June, 2022Index of Retail Prices (RPI)April 2022
30th June, 2022Quarterly Gross Domestic Product (GDP)4th Quarter 2021
30th June, 2022International Merchandise Trade Statistics (IMTS)January 2022
30th June, 2022Direction of Trade Statistics (DOTS)January 2022
30th June, 2022Index of Domestic Production (DPI)4th Quarter 2021
30th June, 2022Index of Producers’ Prices4th Quarter 2021

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