T&T Population Reaches 1.4 million

The total population of Trinidad and Tobago reached 1,353,895 persons in 2016 according to the Central Statistical Office’s Population, Social and Vital Statistics Division. This total consists of 679,288 males and 674,607 females and represents the CSO’s 2016 mid-year estimates.

Based on these official statistics the population of Trinidad and Tobago can now be stated as approximately 1.4 million persons. From a historical perspective the country’s total population stood at 1,213,733 or approximately 1.2 million persons, based on the results of the 1990 Population and Housing Census. In 2000 the corresponding figure was 1,262,366 or approximately 1.3 million and the 2011 Population and Housing Census yielded a tally of 1,328,019 which when rounded to the nearest hundred thousand was still 1.3 million persons.  The 1.4 million mark was not attained until June of 2016.

The mid-year estimates are calculated as at June of every year using the data from the preceding Population and Housing Census as a baseline. Births, deaths and estimated net migration are the data used when compiling mid-year estimates.

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